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Map of Williams County highlighting the location of the city of Alamo2020 Population: 53

Nested in a shallow valley east of Cottonwood Lake, Alamo’s panoramic views boast the most beautiful sunsets you’ll ever see! Alamo is where you’ll find a big-hearted rural community with deep roots in the farming industry.  

 Founded in 1902, Alamo remains a peaceful, family-friendly town with rural values. On the edge of the prairie pothole region, the surrounding area is a waterfowl hunter’s paradise. Looking for some weekend fun? Take a quick drive over to Blacktail Dam for some fishing and boating, camping or golf! While you’re at it, swing by Fast Lane 29 on the way for a meal and a drink.

Did you know? The city was originally named “Cottonwood” but was renamed to “Alamo” which is the Spanish word for Poplar - another word for a Cottonwood Tree!

Aerial image of the City of Alamo
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