Aerial view of Ray from water tower


Ray is Just Right


2020 Population: 740

Let Ray be your ray of sunshine! Take Highway 2 through Williams County and you’ll run right through it. Founded in 1902, this rural community grew alongside the rail industry, becoming the supplier and service center for area settlers, ranchers, rail workers, and hired hands. Today, some of the largest area employers include the Northwest Communications Co-op (NCC), Nesson Public School District, and the Ray Farmers Elevator.

Today, Ray is pretty much on the way to everywhere for travelers cruising through the area. Ask anyone in Ray (maybe even someone named Ray?) and they’ll tell you Ray is where you’ll find highly rated schools, a great golf course, local restaurants and of course, the one-stop-shop Ray Mall. It’s not quite the Mall of America – but you’ll be able to get many of your necessities underneath one roof (which comes in handy in the winter – just saying…). Just along for the ride? There’s even the Club Ray Lounge and Casino to pass the time while you wait for your shoppers. Ray is just the right size to settle down your boots and plant your roots.

Ray is just the right size to settle down your boots and plant your roots. 


Map of Williams County highlighting the location of the city of Ray

Did you know? Ray High School was built in 1922, making it more than 100 years old!

View of McLeod Lake
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