Water, Sewer, Gas & Electric

Again, the location of your humble abode will determine who you’ll need to talk to about setting up water, sewer, gas and/or electric service. Your best bet is to reach out to the City you will be living in to get scoop.   

In most cases, electricity will be provided by either Mountrail-Williams Electric Cooperative or Montana Dakota Utilities (MDU). Water service will be provided by your local city or by one of the rural water districts serving the area (Northwest Rural Water District or R&T Water District). Cities (if living in town) will also likely handle sewer. For communities that offer natural gas, that will be through MDU. 

QUICK TIP:  Some of our more rural areas may not have city sewer or natural gas service available. In those cases, your property will likely have a septic tank (for sewer) and a propane tank (for gas for heating, water heater, appliances, etc.) In those situations, you’ll want to talk to a local plumber and/or HVAC professional to get the run down on how those systems operate – and everything you need to know! 

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