Vehicle Registration and Drivers Licenses

If you’re coming to Williams County from out of state, getting a North Dakota drivers license and vehicle registration should be on your to-do list. ND law provides a 60-day grace period to get your new license, and 90 days to get your vehicles registered (and your fancy new North Dakota license plates)! 

If you are coming from another location in North Dakota, you’ll want to make sure you update your drivers license address; you can easily do that online.

The Williston Department of Motor Vehicles (DMV) provides vehicle registration and title service (as well as passports), and the Department of Transportation provides drivers license service. Both have offices in Williston, as well as multiple other locations across the state. Be sure to make an appointment! 


QUICK TIP:  Once you’ve got your North Dakota license and registration, renewals can be done at one of several kiosk locations, including two in Williston and one in Tioga.

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