Behavioral Health 

Awareness and Information


The UMDHU CredibleMind site provices local resources and trusted information about behavioral health to support your overall well-being.

Public Behavioral Health Services 

Community Connect  

Community Connect is a program run by the ND Department of Health and Human Services for Care Coordination, Peer Support, and Recovery Services. These services are delivered by community-based providers. 

Northwest Human Service Center 

Williams County is served by the Northwest Human Service Center, which is located in downtown Williston. HSCs provide intense team-based behavioral health services in the community, such as school or home, to provide an optimal learning environment. Services are provided for substance use disorders and/or chronic and severe mental illness as well as crisis services. Each center holds walk-in hours Monday through Friday, 8 am to 5 pm, for individuals with immediate behavioral health needs.  

Find a Service or Program 

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